my name is Lenka

On stage everyone just call me Eleanor.

I am Pole dance instructor & Pole dance performer. With Pavel Kolář creates duo ART and we perform together as pole dance mixed couple. We became Czech Champions Pole Sport in 2017 and World Pole Sport Champions 2017, overall winner of Pole Theatre Italy and winners of Pole Emotions. In May/2017 we founded Schola Artist - Pole & Dance studio together.

I work in Brno - Czech Republic but I like to travel. I represent Czech republic on international competitions such is PoleART Cyprus, World Pole Sport Florence, Pole Theatre Italy, Pole Theatre UK, World Pole Sport Lichtenstein, etc. I offer courses, workhops and performances. 

Pole Dance is Art and I love it most from all. It is my biggest hobby and kind of relaxation. There is no other activities, which I would love doing more.

I am looking forward to beeing a part of your event.

My Successes


2nd place Czech Pole Art championship (qualification to worlds)


1 place Pole Chalenge Cup
1 place Czech Art Championship nominated into finals, held in Prague 26.9.2021 in Prague


1st place World Pole Sport Championship category Doubles

2nd place Czech Pole Art

4th place Pole Stars - choreography "Adam and Eve, exile from paradise"

Finalist Pole Theatre Poland with choreography "Adam and Eve, exile from paradise"

1st place Czech pole sport championship in category Doubles

2nd place in Pole Theatre UK s choreography Romeo a Juliett

2nd place Czech pole sport championship in category Elite Women, 1st place in semifinal.

12th place European Pole Sport Championship


1st place Professionals Drama and Overall Winner in Pole Theatre Italy as DuoART

14th place World polesport championship in Firenze

finalists of Pole Theatre World - Professionals Drama category

2nd place Czech pole sport championship, 1st place semifinal

3rd place in Pole&ME competition with Pavel Kolář as "Duo ART" competition aimed to best Showcase

6th place on international Pole Art Cyprus - Professionals

5th place Czech polesports championship by IPSF


Semifinal of Czech and Slovak got talent 2015 with Pavel Kolář as DuoART

4th place Czech Pole Art championship

7th place Czech Pole sport championship, category Elite

Finalist Pole Art Cyprus 2015 (13th place)


1 place Ultimate Champion with Pavel Kolář, international ART competition PoleMotions, Brno

4 place European Polesport Championship, Prague

3 place in Queens of poledance vategory Art professional

3 place on Open championship Miss poledance Elite category Art professionals, Moscow

Dancer in videclip with Ben Cristovao and MAAT - "Pod hladinou"

4 place National Pole Battle league, Prague

7 place Czech pole Sport championship category Elite, Prague

6 place Czech PoleART and 7 place and internacionall PoleStars, Prague

9 place International competititon PoleMotions, Brno


8th place in final on Czech poledance championship category professionals

2nd place Open Slovak championship

Semifinal on World polesport championship, London

13th on European polesport championship, Prague

7th place on Pole Stars in category PoleArt

2nd place on Pole Battle League


1st place in semifinal of Czech pole dance championship category amateur

2nd place in final of Czech pole dance championship category amateur

9nd place in final of Czech pole dance championship category profesionals