My poledance world


Last week I sent a number of four applications for the Pole Dance competitions. Two of them are sport character and two are Arts character. First I talk about the art competitions. It is not easy to get into final of such a big competitions. To go through I need to send the applications, entry fee and Of course video recording. In the period when I should sent a videorecord I was lying with fever in bed, so I could not shoot the actual video. I sent a recording from the amazing events of The Art of Pole, where I danced artistic choreography "Sport ART versus" I hope that the June 3rd to 4th I will get on the podium of prestigious Pole ART France! At the same time immensely I am looking forward to the beautiful city of Bordeaux. The second competition, with Pavel Kolar I want to participate together in PoleTheatre in Rome. The world pole dance begins to perceive us as Duo ART, we participated together already two competitions and last year we tasted what And also we danced in Incheba arena within Czechoslovakia's Got Talent, where we got in the theater 3x YES. In addition, together we managed to win PoleEmotions a place to third in the competition aimed at Show - Field & ME 2016 - Express Yourself. PoleTheatre Italy, on June 18, will be our next contest, which will compete for the finals and who knows even some awards. And then two sport championships in Prague. I am prepairing been strictly for it my artistic soul suffers, but I feel that it push me forward more and more. Discipline must be. In the Czech Republic we have two national competitions. Czech pole sport Championship 2016 and Czech Republic Championship in pole sport (IPSF) are two different competition, although it sounds crazy. For these two competitions I am also fully preparing four children, two adults and one man (my boyfriend Pavel Kolar, yes this year will compete for the first time as a soloist!) Semi-finals take place already in May and the finals in May and June. Hold for me and for us all fingers crossed!