World Champions


In December 16-17. in Liechtenstein was held the World Pole Sport Championship, where we have been qualified by a medal placement at the Czech Championship (June). Our Czech expedition numbered about 17 members, of which three athletes participated are from our Schola Artist. Pavel Kolář competed both in the Solo category and at the same time in the Doubles category with Lenka Hůlková. Lenka competed only in the Doubles category with Pavel Kolář, who resigned the solo for health reasons. Vendula Amalia Piskařová competed in Junior B. They all made their way to the final with surprising results. The final placement of Vendula Piskořová is 9th place, Pavel Kolar on the 4th place and Lenka Hůlková with Pavel Kolář placed in the 1st place and became the World Champions! In the gallery you can see photos from the semifinal and final of the competition.