Czech pole art championship


Czech pole Art - Elite category Since 2017, I have not participated in any national competitions due to the maternity leave and a large number of responsibilities with managing the School and caring for the family. But I had enough space to re-create motivation and implement ideas. Returning after a long break is always difficult, but with the right people, it just has to work out. Thank you Barbora Orságová, Dominica Hedbávná, Marta Šidlová, JH - bespoke design, Pavel Kolář, Radek Éli Comedy Theme: a desperate wife is waiting for her husband, he comes and turns on the TV. But he doesn't know what kind of sweetheart he has at home ... 2nd place is an amazing reward, but the bigger one is in recognition of your best. Thank you all for your kindness. Thank you to the Czech Pole & Art Sports Association for organizing the competition.